United Bates of America is an American reality television show on TLC. The show premiered on August 13, 2012; additional episodes aired over the next several weeks. The show only ran for one season.

Episodes Edit

1. Pilot: "The Bates Family: And Baby Makes 19" aired: March 13, 2012

Introduction to Kelly Jo and Gil Bates and their 19 children

2. Love times 21 aired: August 13, 2012Gil and Kelly Jo welcome baby #19, Jeb, but complications send him to the NICU while his siblings set up a welcome-home celebration for him.

3. Papa Bill's Farm" aired: August 13, 2012

Gil, Kelly Jo, and the kids travel in the family bus to visit Gil's parents, Bill and Jane, on their South Carolina farm.

4. Practice Makes Perfect aired: August 20, 2012

Gil and Kelly Jo discuss how they manage 19 children and how they brought out the good behavior they display.

5. 19 Kids, 1 Emergency aired: August 20, 2012

Gil has to rush Kelly Jo to the hospital when they realize that she has more than just the flu; the kids have to manage one another.

6. New Editions aired: August 27, 2012

Gil and Kelly Jo buy chickens, hoping to have more success raising them than they have in the past.

7. 19 in Training aired August 27, 2012

Kelly Jo teaches some of her younger daughters how to cook while their brothers learn wrestling from their former state-champion father Gil.

8. Bates Plus 12 Aired September 3, 2012

The family gets a visit from the Paine family from Illinois, who have 12 members of their own. They take a train ride to go white water rafting.

9. Bates & Duggar Reunion aired: September 3, 2012  

The Bates family goes to a BBQ in Texas with the Duggars.

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